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Welcome to the FrogStore

The FrogStore is an online teaching and learning marketplace for every teacher’s and student’s educational needs, where you can find a wealth of educational products and resources, including devices, apps, e-books, media, sites and more.

With the FrogStore, every resource you need to enhance your teaching & learning journey is just a click away.

take ownership

  Take charge of your personal learning journey with content, devices, and plans to suit your individual learning needs!

save time

  All the content you need is just a click away, as the FrogStore is seamlessly integrated with FROG VLE.

reduce your load

  Stop lugging around heavy textbooks. Digitised school textbooks are now freely available in the FrogStore.


  Give the gift of education with the FrogStore’s easy gifting system.


  Create a great teaching Site on Frog and share it with everybody else.

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